A Few Valentine’s Gift Ideas


If you are on a tight budget but you want to make sure your husband has a fabulous Valentines Day, here are a few Valentines gift ideas not to overlook this year.

First, what does your man love more than anything, but doesn’t ever get enough time for? You! Believe it or not, most men miss and appreciate their wives and spending alone time together when things are busy and hectic. Make special time for the two of you. This can be easily done by creating him a coupon book made especially for him. You can think of things he will enjoy and create coupons specific to those things. Think of a 30 minute back massage without being asked for one in return! Or if he is the one who takes out the trash, offer him 2 weeks off duty where you take care of that chore for him. Does he hate mowing the lawn because he misses his Sunday football games? Give him a coupon to say you will take over for a few weekends so he can relax and enjoy his hobby. A coupon book like this may be his favorite gift he’s ever received because it shows how deeply you know him. Every time he uses one of these coupons he will relive Valentines Day, so make sure to consider this option if you’re looking for something creative this year.
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